Oral Presentation IPiCEX 2014

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Full Paper

1. Skill & Workforce Development In Plantation Industry - Download
2. Gearing Professionals, Driving Productivity of the Oil Palm Plantation Industry - Download
3. Value creation for institutionalizing the best talent in the most valuable leadership position in plantation sector Download Download
4. Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO) - Download
5. Uplifting the plantation professionalism the iipm way - Download
6. Moving up gains in plantation crop productivity through effective plant breeding - Download



Posters Presentation IPiCEX 2012

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1. Acacia mangium Plantation in Sarawak and its Wood Quality Download
2. Diversity of soil protozoa (ciliates) in oil palm plantation at sungai asap, sarawak Download
3. Root initiation and proliferation of black pepper (piper nigrum l.) stem cuttings by indole-3-acetic acid producing indigenous bacillus spp Download
4. The effective application time to spray bacillus thurigensis subspecies kurstaki for managing bagworm Download
5. The potential of aerobic rice production technology in sabah Download
6. Growth Characteristics of Acacia mangium Plantation in Sarawak Download

Oral Presentation IPiCEX 2012

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1. Generation of high income through compatible combinations of forest trees and agricultural crops under agroforestry ecosystem Download -
2. Utilization of lignocellulosic materials from unused plant parts of rubber tree during replanting to reduce the potential of root diseases attack Download -
3. Addressing Issues and Challenges of Talent Mismatch in the Planting Industry - Planters Perspective - Download
4. Appropriate Downstream Biomass Technologies for the Sustainability of the Palm Oil Industry - Download
5. Issues and challenges in tertiary agricultural education - Download
6. Issues and challenges on labour in plantation industry a malaysian perspective - Download
7. Issues and challenges towards global plantation industry – education & management - Download
8. Neolamarckia cadamba vs Octomeles sumatrana is it a Promising Forest Plantation species Download Download
9. Plantation Based Sustainable Resources & Green Initiatives Towards Bio-Economic Potentials - Download
10. PLANTATION WORKERS IN SABAH -Issues and Challenges - Download
11. Planting cocoa – challenges and realities in Malaysia Download Download
12. Sustainability Challenges in Oil Palm Mono-cultivation Are Microbes the Solution - Download
13. Using NLP in the Education and Development of The Professional Planter Download Download

A Case Study on the Relationships Between Human Resource Practices and the Job Performance Among Field Conductors at Sabah Softwoods Sdn. Bhd. and Benta Wawasan Sdn. Bhd

Download -
15. Applications of Geospatial Technology in Modern Agriculture and Forestry Management - Download
16. Leucaenalueucocephala a Fast Growing Tree for Malaysian Wood-basedIndustry Download  

Posters Presentation IPiCEX 2008

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1. The Impact of Organic Fertilizer Application to Oil Palm Production in FELDA Maokil 7: A Case Study Download
2. In Vitro Plantlets as a horicultural commodify for interior decoration. Download
3. Modeling of Mosture Content of Theobroma cacao Seeds Download
4. Integrated Management of Sweet Pea (Pisum sativum L.) Insect Pests in Kundasang, Sabah Download
5. Functional Diversity of Microbes in Ganoderma and Non-Ganoderma Infected Oil Palm Cultivated Soils Download
6. Multiple sequence analysis of Erwinia papayae isolates from six different locations of Papaya Dieback Outbreak in Malaysia Download
7. An assessment of the impact of technology on Josapine Pineapple grown in Malaysia Download
8. Current Status of Major Pests of Oil Palm Plantation at Felda Jengka, Pahang Download
9. Buffalo-drawn cart assist of infield FFB evacuation - A case study at Kosma Plantation Bhd. Download
10. Rainfall impact on oil palm production and OER at FELDA Traing 2 Download
11. Heavy metals content in irrigation water from selected areas in Peninsular Malaysia Download
12. The fragrance production from Callus Cultures of Gynoecium and Stamen of Michelia alba Flower Download
13. Factors affecting paddy production under integrated agricultural development area of North Terengganu (IADA KETARA) scheme: a case study Download
14. The effect of BAP on shoot proliferation of Pogostemon cablin Download
15. Forest damage caused by acid precipitation and pollution in Malaysia Download
16. Allelopathic potential of edibe gingers against weeds Download
17. A comparative market basket study of certain heavy metals in selected vegetables Download
18. Genetic diversity in cultivated tea (Camellia sinensis) at Boh Plantations using RAPD Markers Download
19. The potential of selected bedding materials for Vermicompositing with red wiggler worms - Eisenia fetida Download
20. Vermicomposting for household and modern garderners - An alternative to solid waste management. Download
21. Agroforestry practices in Malaysia - Integrating planatation crops with timber species Download

Oral Presentation IPiCEX 2008

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Extended Abstract

1. Future of Malaysian rubber products industries Download Download
2. Rice production and potential for hybrid rice in Malaysia Download Download
3. The estimated total revenue generated for the country due to palm oil production: An input-output analysis Download Download
4. Oil palm plantation: Meeting demands and challenges Download Download
5. Cocoa trade and new frontiers Download Download
6. The world scenario of cocoa production and consumption Download Download
7. Plantation Biotechnology: The way forward Download Download
8. Genotype and environment interactions in growth of Acacia mangium Download Download
9. Promoting bio-tools for sustainable oil palm management Download Download
10. Utilization of bioinformatics resources in isolation of pod-specific genes in Theobroma cacao Download Download
11. Sustainable oil palm cultivation on tropical peatland Download  
12. Coconut in Malaysia - current developments and potential for re-vitalization Download Download
13. Agribusiness for Jatropha curcas: From vision to reality Download Download
14. Pandanaceae research in support for industrial plantation Download Download
15. Agroforestry practices and resource management Download Download
16. Nanotechnology in Agriculture Download Download
17. Enhancement of paddy monitoring support system using GIS Download Download
18. Biodiversity, ecosystem services and pest management Download Download
19. Management of the Golden Apple Snail, Pomacea canaliculata (Lamarck) in Irrigated Rice in Sabah Download Download
20. Forest plantations for sustainable society and environment Download Download
21 Growing Sesbania aculeata as a woddy raw material for medium density fiberboard (MDF) - The Pakistan experience Download Download
22. Plantation of indigenous tree species: Have they contributed towards overall forest recovery? Download Download
23. Acid deposition, soil pollution and plant growth: current status and future forest ecosystems Download Download
24. Industrial training of students in plantations Download Download
25. An overview of human capital development in the plantation sector in Malaysia: The unsung heroes Download Download
26. Professional education and plantation management: Innovative strategies Download Download
Talent management
Issues & challenges
Sustainable palm oil
Global challenges & way forward
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31 OCTOBER 2014